OMG WTF?!? And Other Thoughts on Cancer 


Note from Writing Saves Lives Founder, Tara Shuman

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 32 years old, I started a blog so that my husband and my mother wouldn’t have to worry about keeping people up to date on how my cancerous boob was faring or how much fun were we having at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Within days, my blog turned into more than just a way to provide medical updates. Somehow, it turned into an integral part of my treatment.

Since my diagnosis, I have written in my blog almost every day. My blogs are sometimes deep, sometimes shallow, sometimes goofy, and sometimes just plain sad. Most of them are some combination of those things, and all of them are honest. 

I often wonder if cancer changed me. I don't necessarily think that it did. But I know this for sure -- cancer made me write. And writing has changed me more than I could ever possibly explain.

I look forward to sharing my love of writing with others touched by this disease. 



Course Overview
This workshop is a unique opportunity for people who have been directly or indirectly affected by cancer to write about themselves and their loved ones while exploring the many benefits of doing so.

The goal of this workshop is to create a compilation of autobiographical or biographical writing (for example, a person may choose to write about his or her mother or father who is coping with the disease but who did not join the workshop).

This workshop welcomes those who want to write about the oh-my-goodness-what-the-f&*k-ness of a cancer diagnosis – whether that diagnosis came last week, last year, or 35 years ago (we especially love the latter!). 

Not only will we write, but we will edit, share, and critique our work. Ultimately, you will walk away from the workshop with some sort of written account of you or a loved one. This account may be in the form of a blog, a diary, a short memoir, or maybe just a pile of essays that make you smile.​



Our Writers' Blogs

​"To be a person is

to have a story to tell." 

-- Isak Dinesen



Thank you so much to those who participated in our 2013 and 2014 workshops!



Stay tuned for 2015 workshop opportunities...