"My life forever changed April 25th 2012. My pup Bentley knocked me over and I hit my head...an ER trip and CT scan discovered I had a brain tumor. I underwent surgery 8 days later on May 8th 2012, and finished chemotherapy treatments for a mixed-glioma tumor on May 2013. While balancing cancer, college and working, this blog is my public diary detailing this journey and everything else I encounter along the way...plus adorable pictures of my hero pup!"


"There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside of you."  ~ Maya Angelou



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"My name is Beth and I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer a year ago. I never knew how therapeutic writing could be until it all started pouring out. There are so many details that I never shared with friends or even family that I feel might be helpful for others to read. Being diagnosed with cancer was a terrifying feeling and even though I experienced the darkest of days there was also so much light, positivity and hope. Throughout the blog I will share everything from the drugs, products, programs, websites, videos, photos, food and mostly importantly the amazing people that helped me get to where I am today. I candidly share my experience in hopes that it will help at least one person."

Diagnosed with follicular lymphoma in 2011, Michael started blogging about his cancer the day after he was diagnosed. Part mental therapy, part conversation, and part update, the blog talks about all the myriad aspects of being diagnosed with cancer -- symptoms, treatment, attitude, support, research and many other topics.

Diagnosed with Stage IV stomach cancer in her thirties, this anonymous blogger shares her most honest thoughts and feelings on life with this disease.

"Memories build up like clutter on the counter. This is where I store them when I need to clean up. This is my path through the beautiful, terrifying and confusing chaos in the world I see around me. A blog about reloading after cancer, remission, relapse, a stem cell transplant, type 1 diabetes, and trying to make sense of it all as a young adult."

"When I was 22 I was diagnosed with Aggressive Angiomyxoma -- a sarcoma with only 250 reported cases in the world. [SAY WHAT??!] Through my journey -- which I will be on for the rest of my life -- I have learned to be vulnerable (yes, the V word), to love deeply, and to live like I've never lived before. These are my thoughts..."