Building writing communities is one of our top priorities at Writing Saves Lives. Connecting with others who may share personal or emotional experiences allows us to build support networks of those who can celebrate with us during times of joy and aid us through times of hardship. Writing and story-sharing are a uniquely powerful avenue into this type of supportive community.


In her book Expressive Therapies, Cathy Malchiodi refers to words as "people-connectors." Malchiodi also highlights the power of utilizing words to build relationships. 


In Phaedrus, Plato describes the practice of writing as safest and most effective when it is shared with others - and refers to this sharing process as an "intimate exchange between souls." At Writing Saves Lives, we hope to facilitate these powerful social bonds through our online community forum and in-person meetings. Through sharing our work and our stories, we hope to foster a sense of communal vulnerability and shared empathy which will facilitate the formation of powerful and long-lasting social bonds.